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Sami Fayed Photography



  • Studio (8m x 5m x 2,50m) for tabletop, people, animal, small sets, stills
  • Studioflashlight
  • Professional DSLR Equipment
  • Professional panorama equipment

  • Professional DSLR equipment
  • Underwater DSLR housing
  • Professional panorama equipment
  • Highspeedsync. wireless flashsystem
  • Rain, dust and shock proof, wireless remote DSLR system
  • PIR sensored, weather, shock and animal proof, wireless DSLR camera trap
  • DJI Phantom 4 drone

  • Professional videocamera up to 200 fr/sec, full HD
  • Profesional DSLR videocamera, full HD
  • Underwater DSLR housing, full HD (ordered, coming soon)
  • Rain, dust and shock proof, wireless remote DSLR system, full HD
  • Gopro videocameras with special underwater housing (200m), full HD
  • Professional sound recording
  • DJI Phantom 4 drone

Personal equipment:
  • Complete outdoor equipment for +50°C down to -50°C
  • Special equipment for water productions (under- and over water)
  • Special equipment for polar productions